Get Better at Getting along

The assessment tool designed to help you handle conflict.

Why ConflictAbility?

The ConflictAbility Assessment is an advanced learning tool that will analyze how you currently engage in conflict and how you can improve. It is designed to teach the skills and processes necessary for effectively dealing with difficult conversations and disagreements. Your personalized results will reflect 10 distinct dimensions that are important measures of constructive conflict engagement. Each of the 10 measures will provide critical insight and tips about how you can improve your ConflictAbility and become even better at getting along.

ConflictAbility is a Multiuse Tool

This one-of-a-kind learning and development tool is designed for a multitude of applications and purposes. The final report delivers immediate feedback and imparts knowledge about specific skills and processes that will enhance your abilities. These individualized details make it a valuable tool for individuals, workplaces, classrooms and organizations of every kind

• Gain insight about the strengths and weaknesses of yourself or your team in conflict situations

• Enhance your coaching and leadership capacity

• Use the report as a foundational learning resource for conflict resolution training and team development

Your ConflictAbility

Upon finishing the assessment, you promptly receive a comprehensive report detailing your results. The report highlights which of your tactics and approaches to conflict work well, while also providing specific practices that will enhance your performance in conflict situations.

Similar tools assess your conflict style, personality type or strengths and weaknesses in terms of categories. ConflictAbility goes beyond conventional assessments by examining your conflict engagement and across 10 distinct dimensions, offering key insights for improvement. This unique methodology not only establishes clear standards but also provides a concrete direction for personal growth.

Illustration of ConflictAbility Assessment report

Purchasing Options

The ConflictAbility Assessment can be purchased individually or purchased for multiple users for team development and learning. Purchasing multiple licenses allows your organization to use the distribution module to hold assessments in inventory and distribute individual assessments as needed.

Single Licence
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Additional Learning Resources

ConflictAbility also offers negotiation and mediation manuals that are state of the art. The whole dispute resolution process is made accessible in a sequenced way that allows learners to build on what they already know.

The Practice of Negotiation

Drawing on their many years of professional experience and conflict resolution training in a wide range of settings, Sloan and Chicanot have created a training manual that clearly describes the attitude, process and skills employed in interest-based negotiation, and conflict resolution. This text serves as an essential and practical ‘how to’.

The Practice of Mediation

A popular and practical guide on the mediation process for the would-be mediator/facilitator. This short instructional text clearly and simply defines the attitude, process and skills employed in interest-based mediation. This text is widely used in mediator training programs and post-secondary institutions across Canada.

Turn Conflict into Opportunity & Disagreement into Growth