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The products we offer are aimed at improving skills, abilities and capacity at “getting along better” in conflict situations.  The assessment tool is an advanced learning resource that supports the development of process and skills (and greater self-awareness) to effectively deal with difficult conversations and disagreements. It is ideal for individual and team learning about your capacity to work through and resolve conflict productively.

Immediately after completing the Assessment, you receive a detailed report of your results across 10 different dimensions. It points out where your approach to conflict and your skills work well and where more practice and capacity development is needed. It also teaches specific behaviours and practices that can improve your performance in conflict situations.  

To complement the Assessment and offer more capacity development resources, we have created training manuals (in French and English) that clearly describe the attitude, process and skills that are most effective when engaging in conflict resolution, from both a negotiation and mediation standpoint.  These texts serve as an essential and practical ‘how to’ and are invaluable to conflict resolution learning initiatives of any kind. 

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Training Manuals

The Practice of Negotiation

Drawing on their many years of professional experience and conflict resolution training in a wide range of settings, Sloan and Chicanot have created a training manual that clearly describes the attitude, process and skills employed in interest-based negotiation, and conflict resolution. This text serves as an essential and practical ‘how to’ guide for anyone interested in improving the quality of their negotiations and collaborative problem solving. Available as an “e-book” (PDF).

The Practice of Meditation

A popular and practical guide on the mediation process for the would-be mediator/facilitator. This short instructional text clearly and simply defines the attitude, process and skills employed in interest-based mediation. This text is widely used in mediator training programs and post-secondary institutions across Canada and is an essential learning reference for anyone who might find themselves in a mediator-role (professionally, or otherwise). Available as an “e-book” (PDF).