About us

The ConflictAbility Assessment was designed by a group of five highly experienced conflict resolution practitioners and mediators with decades of experience navigating conflict situations throughout Canada. Drawing on diverse expertise in law, psychology, dispute resolution, leadership, and strategic planning, they have effectively mediated and investigated thousands of cases, positioning themselves as pioneers in the design of conflict resolution systems.

Although there were excellent existing assessments on the market, the creators of ConflictAbility acknowledged their clients’ desire for a tool that would help individuals and teams identify more specific personal strengths and challenges when it came to conflict situations. 

By devising a tool that seamlessly integrates self-analysis and education, they discovered a method not only to assess but also to enhance users’ proficiency in navigating conflicts through insightful strategies and practical approaches. This innovative tool provides clear direction and standards for those who take the assessment, both educating them and empowering them to strive for excellence.

The ConflictAbility Team is driven by a desire to foster capacity building and heightened self-awareness when handling conflict. They take pride in presenting this tool as a valuable resource for learning and self-assessment, dedicated to furthering the mission of building greater conflict ability worldwide!


Turn Conflict into Opportunity & Disagreement into Growth